Zhejiang successfully held the 2016 nternet plus special agriculture summit

Internet entrepreneurship and agricultural entrepreneurship are very popular in the field of entrepreneurship, when the two combine, then the outbreak of a strong entrepreneurial potential. In January 8th, Zhejiang "2016 Internet plus special agriculture summit" held in Hangzhou Yuhang district town of dreams.

it is reported that the summit has attracted the industry authority, representatives of enterprises and well-known media more than 200 participants, made a wonderful interpretation of the theme of Internet expert, Professor Wang Xiaoyi of Zhejiang University. The Summit organizer Zhejiang lanmai e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd responsible person, the summit is in response to the national "13th Five-Year plan" and "Internet plus" modern agricultural development strategy held, the purpose is to discuss the development direction of Internet plus characteristic agriculture and related path, and products in this market segment whether and how to be opened "Internet plus agriculture" gate.

The product of soil


2015, "Internet plus agriculture" is very lively. At the beginning of the year, the central document pointed out: support business, logistics, trade, finance and other enterprises to participate in the construction of agricultural e-commerce platform, e-commerce in rural comprehensive demonstration.   "Internet plus agriculture" has become the first logical demonstration of the industry representatives.

and with these inspiring policies, lively big contrast, is the field of agricultural entrepreneurship unpopular. Although the relevant state agencies and the media to describe the "wonderful blueprint Internet plus agriculture", but the young entrepreneurs seem to be completely indifferent, more people choose non agriculture "Internet plus".

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