Henan court network auction stationed Sina micro blog auction activities to facilitate investors

Now the

network for people is still very convenient, at the same time, in life there are a lot of activities now are actually in the network to carry out the above, including some now relatively hot judicial auction.

"we in taobao.com carrying out network judicial auction, but there are usually not on taobao.com, can not find the auction information, participation is limited, can not form the competition." After the integration of resources, the Henan Court Network judicial auction to the masses to provide a new position, sina micro-blog. The morning of July 15th, Zhang Liyong, shenggaoyuan Dean Province Network letter office full-time deputy director Cai Xinmin, jointly opened the provincial court judicial network beat in Sina micro-blog launch ceremony.

"we in taobao.com carrying out network judicial auction, the people at home click of the mouse, you can participate in the auction the court shall dispose of the property, but I think there are still many limitations, such as the average turnover rate of only 30%, the average premium rate of 44.67%. Here is an important reason, is limited by public channels." Zhang Liyong believes that: some people usually do not go to Taobao, can not find the auction information, the number of participants is limited, can not form a competition, it must be based on the original integration to enhance.



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