1000 dollars a year over a million business you can Hold live

1000 dollars a year over a million business, you can Hold live? Russia is seeing is believing, then we have a look! One thousand to do what business, open a small store, the store is not large, the store inconspicuous, but also can earn millions.

one thousand block can do what business, store look even a bit shabby, but you don’t look down upon this pink shop, snack bar monthly income of forty thousand yuan, which makes a lot of a luxury restaurant people envy, a back corner of the snack business, so why fire.


one thousand block can do what business? Small bowl, let customers eat happy and many of the poor in the city, my wife and I have two hours due to the poor at home, not in a few days. The biggest ideal is to find a "eat imperial grain" with "stable salary", but because his ink is too small, the ideal can not be achieved, therefore had to rely on people to make a living by doing odd jobs. Since his son after school, have a more straitened economic embarrassment. One thousand dollars can do what business, qiongzesibian, I consult with his wife said: "we are still trying to open the shop, now more and more old old, small also more and more, both need money, need to find ways to earn some money is. By little, this day is become poorer."

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