How to open crystal jewelry store

fashion jewelry to attract the attention of consumers, the market outlook is also quite good, so the investment is a very good shop choice. Crystal jewelry stores need to pay attention to what matters? How should I drive? Many novice on this issue is not very clear, then hurry to learn.

1, brand choice, now shop most will choose an ideal brand to join, will never be like that before going to purchase wholesale shop, first of all, we are now recognized brands, not brand shop will not patronize, second well-known brand cooperation and product quality guarantee; but choose the brand and choose marry a truth, for a lifetime of happiness, wrong miserable life.

2, shop location, shop location is the key to open a shop, open crystal shop is no exception; it is recommended to choose the flow of large shops and shopping malls supermarket counters. The mall area of about 15 square, outside the street shop is the most appropriate in the 25 square. As long as there is passenger flow, the rent can earn back; no passenger flow, do not have money to shop for you also useless.

3, shop decoration, store decoration design is also very important, the general store decoration crystal brand manufacturers have guidelines, the company will be in accordance with the unified design stores or counters, if it is in the local production drawings according to the company, must strictly according to the drawings decoration, must deal with lighting effects. Lighting is the source of the effect of the crystal jewelry store.

4 a reasonable price, open the crystal shop according to the local consumer environment, the sales price of different crystal jewelry, if your crystal stores in the county or township, then you can do the crystal high price and style is too avant-garde, "romantic decorated World" this price can be. If your crystal jewelry counters in large shopping malls, shopping malls or supermarkets higher grades, then the corresponding crystal style is not traditional, you can not do low price crystal jewelry. Suitable for "Guangdong Guangdong beauty" crystal counter.

5, staff management, staff management must have rules and requirements, the clerk must be in accordance with the rules to regulate their daily work, location, style, name of the clerk to be familiar with all kinds of crystal jewelry display and price. Active customer reception, introduce a variety of products to customers not to mind taking the trouble. To do the next ask two greeting three, warm and generous, so that customers feel cordial.

6, retain the old customers, because the shop only in a shopping district, not all pedestrian street, do most of the business in the region, so we must entertain both good new customers, but also learn to retain old customers. Because old customers can drive her circle of friends through the word of mouth, the circle of communication to consumption.

7, promotional activities, with manufacturers and festivals to do some promotional activities to promote popularity, if there are conditions in the local can do some large-scale activities, increase brand awareness, to consolidate the dominant position of the industry.

8, to shop, shop owner of a lot of love to the boss itself, do not know how to respect people, not their own bad take out the clerk. Especially recommended

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