Cry up wine and sell vinegar good ideas

has opened a barber shop, but do not rely on the barber to make money, but the use of cut hair processing, this idea is really novel, our life because of these new ideas have become rich and colorful. Hurry up the brain also want to have any business opportunities!

Dell received the first business when the mood is extremely happy, but even though it is an ordinary people booking a haircut home service. However, Dell still concentrate on preparing, pleased to go, with a streamlined sample box and lanugo beautifully bound crystal souvenir album; good customer in a professional recommendation to hear him, touched by his professionalism, although originally on the brush is not very interested in, still spent 128 yuan to order a cloisonne the fetal brush, agreed 10 days after the delivery. This is a successful promotion so Dell increased confidence, clear one thing: many ordinary families are willing to spend a little money on the children, the key lies in the sincere and professional services businesses can persuade.

after his days running, diligent service, as long as the customer requirements, regardless of how the required services "cheap", he has time to visit, even if the customer does not accept his extra promotion, he still smiles, leave a name card. 2007 Guangzhou summer long, Dell often out of a door is more than four hours, as far as the Panyu Baiyun suburb, ran sweating; only spent half a year, Dell in Tianhe District and Liwan District established VIP group, while the last boom "pigs", dug up a pot of gold.

"low technology, small businesses also have their own characteristics, not eyebrows beard grabbed, with others to do the same." In more than a year of successful entrepreneurial experience, like dell. For example, the peer, others feel that doing high-end products Luo bone pen, agate pen effort is not making money, Dell difficult to adhere to, in order to establish a variety of business shop signs; for example, is doing the same color crystal feet Ya India, Dell selected "Zodiac" series of products, though not necessarily all preference. But at least reflects its own characteristics, impressive. "The new industry, everything is still groping; but one thing is certain, small business, earn is hard money, not hard is not good." Dell said. Market risk:

Jones is the truth, in an unexpected way to let people accept your goods, you are a successful businessman. This "cry up wine and sell vinegar" approach is really a fantastic idea. This kind of industry has not been a comprehensive assessment of the market, is still in the embryonic stage, whether it can not judge the healthy development of investment risk. Technical content is not high, easily lead to excessive competition. The baby service involved is very broad, high requirements for service details.


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