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people’s living standard continuously, for the textile requirements are also changing, so how can the successful operation of the textile shop, how to store decoration style home? Open for many people talked about the textile shop, shop decoration, had Jiezhuang experience friends may have scared in retrospect". In order to put their ideal bed shop design and decoration, not only need to convey ideas to the decoration company, but also at any time with the decoration in the decoration of the site supervision.

positioning style, rectification of the bedding store, if the franchise, must be in strict accordance with the brand Corporation issued a summary of store image of planning, but also carefully study the store rectification guide prone to error, and then the decoration company in meticulous communication, then determine the renovation program good report. In this process, we must let the decoration company before the start of the understanding that all must be in accordance with the design standards to do (without any room for discussion).

if the decoration is a new bed of the store’s skeleton, then, the shop acquired beauty embellishment, is its flesh and blood. Only the bones and taste of the textile shop, is a living museum Home Furnishing is rich in content and style mature. This requires some home textiles and other accessories to adorn the small ornaments, the specific method can be free to play.

shop to keep shop difficult, want to successfully open a textile shop if there may be a lot of difficulties, I hope this article can help you to open the textile shop decoration to attract more attention, in addition to the above aspects, the specific process and to take into account the requirements and preferences of consumers.

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