Green economy will be the future development trend of wooden door industry

rapid development of economy, people improve the quality of life, the pursuit of quality of life in the moment, energy saving, health, environmental protection has become an important label in the development of the times, the community on energy saving and emission reduction work are also increasingly concerned. The wooden door industry as a traditional industry, in terms of material requirements, production processes and other high energy consumption. Therefore, in this era of development needs, the green economy will become a new trend in China’s wood industry.

green economy has become the direction of global development, green development and consumption patterns, will become the new trend of China’s wood industry. Truly green wooden door products must be high priced, high profit profiteering products. But in the whole social green trend, many enterprises are dressed in fashionable "green" – comply with environmental protection and low carbon trend of the occasion, can really achieve the "green heart" – not only to ensure the health products on the human body which can realize environmental protection and low carbon wood enterprises in the development, design, supply, production, logistics and other industry a handful of chain.

high cost to improve access threshold

real green wooden door products must be high cost. These costs include the cost of the original public enterprises into enterprise product cost, such as the original enterprise of waste gas, waste, wastewater emissions are not included in or rarely included in cost accounting enterprises, due to the truly low-carbon environmental protection, should be included in the cost of enterprise components. Relatively not included in the cost of the enterprise, the real green enterprise product cost must push up. Green wooden doors to achieve environmental protection and low carbon, we must buy advanced environmental protection equipment, the application of environmentally friendly low-carbon technology, hire high-end professional environmental protection and energy conservation personnel, these are to spend the cost, or even a huge investment.

the current consumer requirements for green products is limited to the formaldehyde emissions have a direct impact on human health of wood products, and environmental protection, the doors in the production process is energy saving, low carbon is not because of this concern, and consumers have no direct interests, consumers are reluctant to pay for. Therefore, the real green wood enterprises to spend a lot of educational costs, to guide and persuade consumers to help consumers identify how to use a truly environmentally friendly low-carbon products. Most of these costs are to be borne by the enterprises themselves, without the support of high profits, the enterprise has no power and ability to carry out consumer education and popularization of

high profits or will usher in profiteering

There is a "bad money drives out good money in the market of

in economics, if the market bad money can circulate it, people will take good money to hide, and more and more to the use of counterfeit money, bad money market will be more and more, finally forced the good money out of circulation. Similarly, if only to catch a few words to shout slogans green, confuse the public to deceive consumers "green" enterprises, the real green enterprise must hit out and eventually, "

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