How to open a large supermarket in front of the shop

for operators, the most afraid of doing business is the competition, especially with some large shopping malls, big brands do competition, so the failure rate is very high. There is a saying in the large supermarket entrance shop, there is a 5 km death circle". However, with the practice has proved that large supermarkets for large shopping malls is a shock, but for the surrounding small shops have positive significance.

supermarket traffic can use

opened a brand underwear store in Shanghai, the mart supermarket near Liu bluntly, although here than mature commercial street, there is still a certain gap in the flow of people, but his underwear shop still can make full use of the mart supermarket shoppers, and has formed a stable customer groups. After a lot of acquaintances are shopping around the supermarket, then I look here, and regularly buy some clothes." He said. In his view, the mart supermarket is not a super monster, although the underwear also sold in the supermarket, but he is a threat to.

how to open a large supermarket in front of the shop? In fact, there are a number of shops around the supermarket around, and these shops can effectively use the flow of people from the supermarket, business is booming. As in the town of Qibao Qibao, Darunfa Tesco stores all around Hong Kong, many shops, business clothing, jewelry, diet etc..

shop expert Jiang Xinguo said in an interview with reporters, supermarkets around the supermarket can indeed make full use of its traffic, engaged in business activities. Beijing, an agency survey shows that the daily flow of large supermarkets up to about 50000 people, and consumers have a certain spending power to the majority of young people aged from 20 to 35. Such as Carrefour supermarket data show that 60% of its customers are under the age of 34, and women are under the age of 70%. WAL-MART supermarket in the site, it requires a population of 1.5 km within the surrounding area of more than 100 thousand, within the range of 2 kilometers to reach the resident population of 12 ~ 150 thousand.

at the same time, large supermarkets in the maintenance of customers is also very particular about. Large supermarkets will be held in a number of promotional activities, to continue to form a positive stimulus to the surrounding residents to expand their attention, and this is an effective means to ensure the normal flow of the supermarket. Of course, the supermarket shops are dependent on the supermarket, the supermarket business has a direct impact on the profitability of supermarket shops. So choose the strength of the supermarket or has established a good reputation of the supermarket, will play a multiplier effect.

business strategy to avoid head-on

Zhang opened a tea shop in Shanghai Road water Darunfa shop next to Hong Kong and Macao, in his shop strategy, he said you have considered the impact of a large supermarket, because he knows.

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