Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 LTE takes on Google Pixel Slate

Granted, the Google Pixel Slate and the Chromebook Plus V2 aren’t totally similar devices, as the Pixel Slate is a tablet first with an optional keyboard and the Chromebook Plus V2 is a 2-in-1 notebook. If, however, you’re feeling a little disappointed that Google didn’t announce an LTE model for the Pixel Slate, the Chromebook Plus V2 might fit your needs a little better.READ MORE: Google Pixel Slate hands-onWhen we asked Google why it didn’t make an LTE model for the Pixel Slate, the company said that it’s found people generally prefer tethering when they need a mobile connection, making the market for integrated LTE rather small. Samsung sees it a different way, aiming the Chromebook Plus V2 squarely at those who always want to be connected. “Today, a rising generation is taking this operating system with them from the lecture hall into their homes, offices and the rest of their lives,” Samsung vice president and general manager for Mobile Computing and Wearables said in a press release. “Whether they’re on a work trip or traveling the world, they should be able to stay securely connected from wherever they are. And now, they can.”AdChoices广告Aside from the Chromebook Plus V2’s integrated LTE, there isn’t a whole lot we know about the device yet. We know that it’ll feature two F/1.9 aperture cameras – one on the back of the display and one on the keyboard – and that’ll ship with a pressure-sensitive pen. It’ll also have an Intel Celeron processor on the inside, just like the base Pixel Slate model. More detailed specifications, unfortunately, aren’t available just yet.The Chomebook Plus V2’s price is actually the same as the Pixel Slate’s starting price: $599.99. It sounds like there will only be one configuration when it launches on November 2, unlike the Pixel Book which has a variety of configurations. Look for it to land on November 2 with a full list of specifications hopefully arriving before that date. Earlier this week, Google introduced the world to the Pixel Slate, a new tablet that seems poised to take on Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s Surface. The tablet seems like a pretty capable (albeit expensive) device depending on the configuration you choose, but one thing notably missing is LTE capability. Today, Samsung introduced the Chromebook Plus V2 (LTE), and it fills that particular gap with integrated LTE. Story TimelineChromebook Campfire could make or break Chrome OS with Windows 10Chromebooks dual-booting Windows 10 is a terrible ideaChromebook Linux support: not everyone’s invited to the party

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