How to locate the clothing store

clothing industry is a very hot industry, it is worth everyone in the entrepreneurial choice of the industry, more and more clothing stores on the market, entrepreneurs are facing increasing pressure! Select the brand project, then do all the preparatory work, you should do and learn is how to run, to run well, they must know how to locate their own clothing store, then we have to analyze how to locate the clothing store?

1, commodity positioning clothing goods according to different classification standards have different classification methods. For example, according to the style of classification, can be divided into men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing; according to price classification, can be divided into low, medium and high, according to the style of classification, can be divided into popular, OL.

2, business format positioning positioning is the necessary step to open a clothing store. Clothing store new entrants should be placed in an important position in the format. Which format is most suitable for the store to open? Is located in the department store counters, the small size of the high-end clothing stores, or general business area of the store, or affordable clothing store? Is a direct way to open a shop, or become a franchise chain? This is decided by the new entrants according to their business format.

3, common business strategy positioning of the brand store most have adopted a single brand positioning and locking operation. For the non brand image of the bulk clothing stores are generally taken to lock the price positioning. The relatively small size of the clothing store, limited funds and space, to counter management, consignment management or direct purchase of the direct way. Visible, want to do a good job in the positioning of the clothing store, you need to start from the above several angles, businesses should be a corresponding understanding.

believe that we know how to is engaged in the clothing business. After watching a small series of reports, in the above article, Xiaobian has introduced the related skills for your location, only to master these skills, your journey will be more smooth in the shop! Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it, as long as you have a good business in their own clothing store, will be able to get their desired results in!

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