China can not make a pen ball beads made in China do not need to import ball pen

China created atomic bomb but not to make a ball point pen ball pen? The head of the "ball", still need to import.

1 4 July, Premier Li Keqiang in Shanxi hosted the Taiyuan iron and steel coal industry to resolve overcapacity, from the development of the forum, he revealed a secret: " " last year, we in serious excess steel production situation, still imported high quality steel special category. We do not have the production capacity of steel mold, including the pen head of the ‘ball’, still need to import. This needs to adjust the structure."

if not the prime minister Li Keqiang said, estimation of a lot of people do not know. More than 3 thousand, more than 20 pen enterprises working population, with an annual output of about 40000000000 pen…… Chinese has become fully deserve the power behind the pen, but a series of proud figure, is one of the core technologies and materials, highly dependent on imports of counterfeit products are flooding the embarrassing situation, a large number of ball pen "ball" is to be imported.

ball pen

pen easy to carry, convenient and durable, is widely applied to the production and life. According to statistics, including the pen, pen China annual output has reached about 40000000000.

"from the quantitative point of view, we are fully deserve the pens big country, but not a power pen." Chinese pens Association honorary vice chairman Chen Sanyuan said, although China’s pens industry had formed, but starting in 2011 our core materials and equipment of independent research and development project, from the free cutting steel wire, ink to the processing equipment all rely on imports.


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