A billion yuan market deep processing of sweet potato

food popular, the value of sweet potato was affirmed, and deep processing of sweet potato has also brought new businesses, many people see the businesses have begun to exploit its potential, and a farmer entrepreneur in Beijing has great success.

in Miyun Taishi Tun Zhen Beijing City, a famous farmer entrepreneur Gao Yunming. He is engaged in deep processing of sweet potato, the annual output value of one hundred million, driven by the Miyun more than 2 thousand farmers’ income, to solve the employment problem of more than and 400 people.

2000, Miyun’s Agriculture Agricultural Service Center, successfully developed the sweet potato planing machine. But the agricultural service center to sell machines to farmers, but farmers think the sweet potato high yield but low efficiency, not the kind of love. Agricultural service center can think of sweet potato starch processing, so to find Gao Yunming, hope he founded the starch factory, and Gao Yunming’s ideas agree without prior without previous consultation.

Hot and Sour Rice Noodles production, not only need starch, also need to use carton packaging, every day 8000, this has led to the development of carton packaging industry. Gao Yunming plans to do a carton factory next year, so that not only can reduce costs, but also to solve the employment problem of local surplus labor.

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