C SHOP told you an extraordinary pastry shop

eat can give consumers the same wonderful, because every time the consumption and experience the delicacy feelings, you are in for a wonderful story of the world fill, the origin of natural delicacy is hidden behind the story is more touching. C.SHOP told you an extraordinary pastry shop.

brand story

sailing together in the city, the dream is stronger because of you

initially tasted the coffee and cake, research materials and production practices, just to a circle can have their own shop. On the way to my dream, I met a girl with the same dream, we tasted the famous coffee and cake shop in Taiwan, and the love grew in the dream journey… With you, I have no reason to stop

dream sailor, you and me

2013, the autumnal equinox, we plan for the future of coffee and cake shop drawings, a cup of coffee, a piece of cake, a lamp…. We sat on the balcony, drinking coffee, tasting the cake, the sweetness of the mouth, the emergence of each other’s face, every breath is full of fragrance…

sail, sail on


2014, we completed the dream, the first belongs to our coffee cake shop was born, with the beginning of your name as a English name – C. shop, when the sign hung on, we held each other’s hand, your smile touched tears more charming than the eyes.

grilled cheese cake for C.SHOP signature product, direct transmission from Hokkaido Shengru fresh high Zhixian milk (cream collocation selected top ingredients, all Handmade), each cake is the master in the retail field of bakery, freshly made visible

is the cheese taste mellow, milk flavor, and Sponge Cake soft feeling, can feel the light cheese little salty, not pure Fishy Flavor of milk, baked egg collocation on these delicious fragrance, combine with each other, on the tongue entrance that is melting, like warm ice cream or is it a light sweet clouds stay

between teeth

hot and cold two eat cheese cake:

hot food:

C.SHOP cheese cake and entrance, cheese tastes mellow and delicious, the kind of sweet and tender will refresh your impression of cheese cake, even without chewing, it would melt in your mouth, and you seem to feel every hair.

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