The ten advice of a successful businessman will only follow the rules of others who will never get o

business is not simple, how to face the unknown difficulties? Here are ten suggestions given by a successful businessman, rules are made, if always thinking rules, easy to be fixed and thought, not only to the success of the person to comply with the rules for the



2 according to the first conclusions, in the commercial negotiations must strive for to infinity in favor of their own conditions, the so-called benefit, is the cost as low as possible, the cash to invest less, more autonomy and better flexibility, better (there is actually a lot of specific things, such as talking about the shop rent payment), in the commercial aspects of any talks you have to be tough, because at the moment you take money out of investment, the choice of the initiative in the hands of you, not because of eager opened at a time of business, and set some reckless conditions;

3 as far as possible in the macro economy to go up in the place to do business, to do business in the macroeconomic down place. I find that there is a very subtle fact that the level of consumption of a place (directly related to the cost of the project operation) is always lagging behind the trend of the level of the economy here. That is to say, if the macroeconomic of a place (directly related to people’s consumption capacity) go up, the cost of business (such as rental store, shop transfer fee, decoration expenses etc.) are not followed up; on the contrary, if the macroeconomic of a local economy falling. Its business costs are still will maintain its original level in a period of time. The two contrast caused by the project investment environment without I dwell on, you should have a very clear;

4 in the official before investment must think of failure: if I fail how easy and even small losses without loss exit; your money so as not to be caught anything; to foot their own alternative;

5 again in the face of any objective, performance, can not be too optimistic, can not be too pessimistic. (this point is that it is easy, it’s hard to do, I have no good way to teach you, may depend on personal experience and experience, of course also can be more veteran learning, but in others ask to have their own opinion, alas, it is very difficult to do business, first) out, so not flustered in the business is not good, and to analysis the reason is not good, is not suitable for your chosen project environment, or do you no good to your project, and if the latter is, you should endure; but if it is the former, it is natural to make a prompt decision to withdraw, you immediately, this time.

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