The three brothers joined Roasted Duck crisp

in Harbin has a more distinctive food and beverage items you know? That is the three brothers crispy Roasted Duck. The three brothers Roasted Duck products win the market, with the strength to join the cause of the convoy, for the majority of entrepreneurs, is truly worthy of choice and grasp the opportunities and rich good! So if you want to join the brand to meet what conditions? How to join it? Look at the following Xiaobian for you:

three brothers roast duck condition

A: a strong sense of professionalism, sense of success and territorial awareness

B: agree with the three brothers roast duck to join the corporate culture and management model, willing to devote themselves to the cause of food.

C: familiar with the regional economic conditions and urban planning, development.

D: have certain market development ability and management ability.

E: have a certain economic strength, and a certain amount of venture capital.

three brothers crispy Roasted Duck to join


1, cooperative consultation: three brothers to join the telephone, fax, Cuipi Roasted Duck online message and other ways of cooperation to the headquarters advisory matters, to obtain relevant data;

2, cooperation application: fill in the application form, confirm the relevant matters;

3, field trips: to field visits to the project, and the headquarters staff face to face communication.

4, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation, through friendly consultations, signed a cooperation contract;

5, business confirmation: partners in accordance with the selected level of cooperation, to pay the relevant costs, to confirm the right to operate the region;

6, skill training: partners to accept the three brothers to join the technology, management, Roasted Duck Cuipi operation of all aspects of training, assessment and acceptance;

7, store decoration: headquarters to assist the business to confirm the business district and site selection, as well as store decoration and layout;

8, opening: authorization collection, business gifts, perfect distribution, arrangement of promotional materials, ready to start


9, operation guide: three brothers joined the professional staff for a long time Roasted Duck crisp tracking guidance and marketing assistant.

for the three brothers to join if you have crispy Roasted Duck what other problems want to know, please give us a message on our website below we will see the message after the first.

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