Robert Downey Jri’s entrepreneurial life

a lot of people are talking about entrepreneurship, fear of failure! I don’t know what I can’t get without paying. In fact, as long as the courage to take that step, you may be able to harvest unexpected surprises and wealth. Pepo Robert · Donny a sector serial entrepreneur madman, can always create a surprise.


1995, from the beginning of the Internet, Walton graduated from University of Pennsylvania business school Musk began Stanford University Applied Physics master, just two days later, he decided to drop out of school, and his brother together to create a "Zip2" project – a news agency to develop online content publishing software. 1999, Compaq to $307 million in cash and $34 million stock options acquired ZIP2. At that time was only 24 years old Musk, it seems to be able to retire.

2, I’m going to retire on Mars

2002 June, Musk with a childhood dream to create a space launch company SpaceX, while serving as CEO and CTO. The distance may be the last time the moon has the past 40 years, he did not want to wait for NASA (NASA) aviation civilians, do not count on what technology explosion, his only one goal — and their friends, go into space, and even Mars landing on the moon, he will grab the direct business with NASA and the global space launch center.

however, was named the Falcon 1 rocket launch in the first seconds after failed, then the two test were not successful, between ideal and reality, there is always an invisible gap, you know, this is the SpaceX spent 3 and a half years to complete.

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