Startups Daphne to join the business means

shoes industry as the strength of the brand, have to say, Daphne’s development path has been very often, but recently, Daphne seems to have a bad mood, why is it? Everything is derived from the brand marketing approach has not been recognized by the market.

in the old parity shoes company recently held in the spring of 2016 orders, the franchisee staged a collective protest. Last week, dozens of franchisees from around the country to Daphne in Shanghai, the expectations for a statement".

franchisees who cited Daphne’s "number counts", for example, take receipt of the initial fee, with franchisees to digest inventory products, outlets to the franchisee with lower stores took the price sellers, etc.. These moves in the franchisee seems to be trying to "Daphne to join" means.

the familiar scene. If the time allocated back to three years ago, the domestic media also reported a variety of disputes between Daphne and its franchisees, then existing businesses questioned whether the brands to join the technology, some even accused Daphne of "burn the bridge after crossing it".

"from 2002 when I started to do the Daphne brand." Said a franchisee of Chongqing told reporters, although in recent years the business is not good, but since the outlets to Chongqing from 2007 to 2008 years after Daphne’s own, within the area of the franchisee’s business began to decline. After all, they are straight, in terms of purchase, pricing and other advantages than we have."

single from the business model, the approach seems to be the world brands are accustomed. In Japan, Chinese into overseas markets such as Europe and the United States there are many luxury brands, is to use this strategy: in order to reduce the cost and risk of opening new stores and expand new markets, brands are in unfamiliar markets usually choose partners, will take care of business partners. With the reputation and the accumulation of capital, the former will not hesitate to further establish the model of the store to occupy the market.

2015 in the first half of this year, the company closed 181 stores. And after such as the number of stores will continue. At present, whether we are in the same industry or other brands, it is unlikely that the same as in the past year to 700, the speed of the 800 shop."

2013, Daphne international recommendation

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