Network entrepreneurs should be wary of network marketing

for pyramid schemes, even if we do not have such a person around, but I believe that we will not be unfamiliar, after all, is now caught in MLM news is more and more. However, with the development of the network, the MLM industry continues to expand, network marketing began to prevail, if you choose to start the network, a careless may fall into such a trap, money lost, physical and mental trapped. Therefore, the network should be wary of network marketing.

marketing and put on the "network" is to confuse a cloak of invisibility, enthusiastic netizens online business. "Mouse point, the source of rolling", while making money online"…… Nowadays, many Internet users in a number of websites and forums to see these attractive words, of which easy to make money and high rate of return to become the biggest gimmick of these online advertising. However, in the rich "myth" behind the black hand is out of network marketing users know the truth, and get rich quick "bait" will be harmful poison.

in recent years, the illegal network marketing in electronic commerce is the "easy to coat, get rich quick" as bait, the tentacles of college students, civil servants and other cultural higher levels of social groups.

and why these people will fall into MLM trap? Expert analysis,

on the one hand is the use of the interests of the interests of the pyramid scheme organization will these people want to start online business;

two is a number of people eager to make money through a shortcut to start their own businesses, in this psychological impact, and sometimes will be automatically involved in MLM activities.

in the case of network marketing is frequent, professional lawyers also remind those who want to through the Internet business users, in the face of the pyramid, in addition to the relevant departments should strengthen legislation and law enforcement and combating, netizens should be more vigilant, do not hold for unearned mentality and easy to fall into the marketing network of whirlpool.

regulatory authorities to crack down on network MLM

network security supervision who had pointed out that online MLM basically take the form of membership to join, "eat" in Pyramid, once the victim is not enough to support the Pyramid men, Pyramid will quickly begin to collapse from the bottom, the damage is only at the bottom of the vast majority of participants in Pyramid.

insiders believe that, although the national law enforcement authorities have made a raid on the Internet and online MLM, but this situation is not worth mentioning compared rampant, technical means, law enforcement agencies to investigate cyber crime "technology and equipment needs to be improved".

, according to media reports, to combat crime pyramid schemes, the Ministry of public security is established to cover since 1998 recommended

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