China electric kettle ten brands list

as a tool for combustion water heater, electric kettle now exist in thousands of households, and with the increase of people’s demand, the industry also has a growing number of brands, the function of the product is increasing. Here, Xiao Bian to introduce the ten major brands of Chinese electric kettle list, so that everyone can have a better understanding of the industry’s brand.

electric kettle is a steam intelligent induction temperature control, with water boiling after the automatic power off, anti dry burn off function. With the needs of life, now the electric kettle is also to the function of the direction of development, such as leak proof, anti scald, water lock etc.. Electric kettle has the advantages of fast heating, good thermal insulation effect, strong filtering function, multi style and so on.

electric kettle development so far, in addition to the functions of continual improvement in appearance, also improved constantly, from the previous round, flat, cylindrical in appearance, and then to the post type appearance to now, from the ordinary to the stainless steel wire drawing material and plastic material, beautiful appearance of the electric kettle is decorated with us life. The following and Xiaobian look at the 2016 ten China electric kettle brand list.

electric kettle Chinese ten brands list: NO.1 beauty Midea (started in 1981, a world-class white household appliance manufacturers and brands, large-scale comprehensive enterprise group, listed companies, China 500, Midea Group Limited by Share Ltd)

electric kettle Chinese ten brand list: SUPOR NO.2 SUPOR (founded in 1994, Zhejiang province famous trademark, domestic cooking / kitchen appliances industry leader, large-scale cooker manufacturers, SUPOR Zhejiang Limited by Share Ltd)

electric kettle Chinese ten brand list: NO.3 Joyoung (Joyoung began in 1994, Soybean Milk machine industry pioneer, small household electrical appliances industry ten big brands, health kitchen appliances industry leader, Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd)

electric kettle China ten brands list NO.4:PHILIPS (PHILPS in 1891 in Holland, the world-renowned multinational electronics brand, focus on quality of life and health care / Lighting in the field of large electronics company, Holland PHILPS company)

electric kettle Chinese ten brand list: NO.5 dragon Londe (a famous brand in Guangdong Province, Guangdong province famous brand products, high-tech enterprises, Chinese large small household electrical appliances production base, Guangdong Dragon Group Co., Ltd.)

China electric kettle ten brands list NO.6: Galanz Galanz (founded in 1978, Guangdong province famous brand, the world’s largest microwave oven professional manufacturer, world-class comprehensive white >

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