How much does it cost to open a shop

now people will give their children a good choice of daily necessities, especially the newborn, their stuff is sloppy, only in this way can let more people look forward to win people’s attention. Many people would like to ask, in the mother and child industry entrepreneurship, how good is it?

how much money to invest?

, according to Xiao Bian, in order to improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, many investors will choose to join the brand instead of their own business. The brand to join a mother and child shop, investors need to pay a certain amount of money to join the headquarters and the headquarters of the brand, but also need to bear the rent, decoration, labor and other costs. In order to make everyone can provide a more intuitive understanding of maternal stores how much money to invest in the following small Qianxi Beibei as an example, for these items as we described in detail.

1, join fee

franchise fee is the headquarters of the brand to join operators to provide operating rights, management, product supply and marketing and other support for a certain amount of compensation. This cost is not very high, in million, some brands even to investors from jiamingfei. Qianxi babe is exempt from doing brand.

2, margin

in order to restrict the legitimate operation of investors, the headquarters will require investors to pay a certain amount of margin. When the contract expires, if the investor to perform the contract, but does not affect the brand image of things, the headquarters will deposit refunded. Qianxi Audrey margin in the 2.98 – 99 thousand and 800 yuan.

3, certificate fee

open a maternal and child supplies store, a reasonable document is essential, only the documents are complete, investors can legally operate under the protection of the law. Documents required for the cost is not a lot of thousand dollars is enough.

4, rent costs

for investors, will open their maternal stores in the community, hospitals or shopping malls is the best choice, but where the rent is relatively high, a 30 square meters of Qianxi Beibei community stores, the monthly rent of 6000 yuan.

5, renovation costs

in order to ensure uniform Qianxi Beibei brand image, the headquarters will provide a unified design drawings for investors, investors only need renovation in accordance with the drawings on it. In general, the renovation of the standard 800 yuan per square meter.

open a maternal and child supplies stores, may be a good recommendation

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