The duo can drink brand introduction

joined the duo can choose drinks drinks? The duo can drink is a popular brand reputation of the project, of course the duo can drink, if you want to understand the idea, then Xiaobian to look at it together.

duo can drink headquarters in order to allow the majority of franchisees throughout the year profit return, stores various types of hot and cold drinks and safe, delicious dessert brand, so many consumers can drink good drinks, also can eat delicious dessert, this is a a very good enjoy. So the duo can join the detailed cost fee number?.

The duo can join the cost:

duo can drinks brand advantage:

1, the advantages of raw materials: natural, fresh, the duo can drink no additives, preservatives, natural additives, so pure taste, and other traditional beverage additives, preservatives and other additives by


2, technology advantage: the duo can drink is in exclusive formula Peru, and introduce the international drinking water treatment of foreign advanced equipment, make tea two basic elements: water and ice to taste like pure natural mineral water and the like;

3, the duo can drink taste advantage: the selection of natural, fresh, natural, no added pure taste, so fleeting, and other traditional tribute tea with additives and preservatives and other additives taste odd;

4, marketing advantage: the duo can have 5K headquarters marketing system (customer satisfaction, Liuke, rise off, lock off, turn off) and a 15 terminal pin system to ensure that the store, dealers make money.


joined the duo can drink

1, quality assurance: professional consistent from beginning to end the unique formula, the process of standardization work, in control of the taste and quality products, to the best state to show.

2, the successful operation of the experience of replication: even if the business can not join the business experience can quickly get started, generally 15 days can learn.

3, professional training: package teaching package, do not learn to do not open the shop from the early days of the shop to the late operation comma system professional training.

4 small investment, quick return: the duo can join a variety of drinks brand franchise model is optional, let you lightly around the store fast money


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