What is the key to the development of the catering industry in the nternet Era

The development of

era is up, stop ear rings: only behind are warning. The emergence of the revolution is because the traditional can not adapt to the development of the times, it is necessary to seek survival and development. With the advent of the Internet era, the transformation of the catering industry is imperative.

O2O model into a new direction of development

food and beverage industry suffered a serious setback is an indisputable fact that in 2013, 2014 -2015 growth slowed sharply to the catering industry. Along with some of the size of the business out, the transition has become a topic that can not be avoided, and the moment is the popular Internet, O2O is a lot of businesses think and try the direction.

if we analyze the catering business transformation Internet with stage theory, the first stage is the main guide, through the website, group purchase online advertising and other ways, in fact, most of the restaurant did not get the desired effect, especially the group purchase way, many restaurants to bring a lot of business problems, and have to rely on. The second stage is to interact with consumers, the purpose is to operate customers. This is the first stage in the continuation of the second phase has begun. The third stage is based on large data precision marketing, but also requires a certain technical and operational basis.

new media marketing to improve operational efficiency

focus on customer experience to create a good reputation

do a lot of Internet marketing, including soft wide, hard wide, etc., but these are a lot of food and beverage businesses can not afford or do not want to pay. With the birth of the new media, marketing has changed a lot, a strong sense of customer management and the use of new tools for precision marketing is worth learning. Customer consumption is the end of a service, but also the beginning of the operation of the customer. This is the focus of attention in the Internet business, in the restaurant, belonging to repeat customers, is the key to the protection of good business.

For example: WeChat

, Alipay and other payment is one of the important ways of mobile payment. Mobile payment has obvious advantages in the development of members, compared to the traditional way of registered members, and businesses can pay to get through CRM to obtain membership, simplify the process, more convenient, it will not cause consumer resentment. By collecting customer information, provide marketing a variety of efficient electronic card coupons, help businesses to maintain old customers and develop new customers; after the formation of certain data, can achieve precise delivery of members of the precision analysis and marketing information. Mobile payment as a breakthrough point of customer management optimization, to adapt to the development trend of mobile internet. Although the change is small, but Many a little make a mickle. can bring unexpected results.

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