UAV wings for young entrepreneurial team

science and Technology entrepreneurial force is strong, the absolute competitiveness is the success of entrepreneurship, to create greater value, fully in line with the core content of innovation and entrepreneurship. UAV wings for the young entrepreneurial team, so that entrepreneurs in the struggle to grow on the road.


4 6, Sun Yue (left on the left), Liu Chenyuan (left) and two colleagues to study unmanned aerial vehicle modification program with.

1989 was born in Jilin small group of children who worked on the sun in large state-owned enterprises, income quite. He was tired of the monotonous work cycle, the initiation of the resignation of his own business ideas. The second half of 2015, sun products and after 90 Liu Chenyuan by aerial drones as the core business, the establishment of the company, together with several other entrepreneurial drones fly friends. Through the tireless efforts of the team, the company now has a fixed customer base.


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