What is social marketing network marketing is not so simple

accidentally saw a social media optimization (SMO) that is, social media optimization is a form of search engine marketing. This way in my view is really very difficult and not like those people in a set of theory, how to look at the right but how do you do it?

because people can only say, if the Internet is full of advertising, marketing, I believe that no one will love this network more still need a more progressive marketing way and not to seek the path of different marketing. This kind of marketing you certainly cannot do without, forum, SNS, and the network favorites. Do you really want to take advantage of these things to do marketing? Is it possible to use the power of these things to sell?

What is the

network favorites? In our opinion is to link the comment place! Your comment on, there are many people concerned about? Conversely, if the number of times a collection of links to comment more, it is because the content of the attraction caused, not to waste your time in the network favorites. Marketing.

good information always spreads, while repeatedly spread this information after can guarantee credible? Different people, but considerable difficulties, like look for a needle in the ocean of marketing. Because the crowd is not fixed, and this can only cause the spread of spam, but will only play the role of negative information.

Marketing Forum, a few years ago, there are people talking about, but can you really do? Sohu, Sina, Tianya, the forum can let you not do? They are all doing some marketing, and the size of the forum would never allow third to snatch their own interests.

six degree space theory, SNS, WEB3.0 marketing is really so simple? A lot of theory is now, even WEB 2 are not good to talk about the so-called SMO. You really have the capital? Can you make the prediction of future network marketing? I think nobody can be right, honest to want to users, if the user is done, I think you don’t say to rely on any marketing way, nature will affect everyone around.

step by step to go, because the Internet we all need area construction and maintenance, the diversification of information, information rich and so on. If the Internet has become a breeding ground for advertising, I think, we will not have so many people like to look at the ads.

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