Balance treasure said revenue will be floating on the 4 9% line


technology news March 5th morning news, for the recent declining rate of return, the balance of treasure said yesterday that the balance of treasure inception date June 13, 2013 to December 31, 2013 annual yield of 4.9%, and forecast the balance of long-term gains will treasure fluctuations in this income level.

recently, the balance of treasure 7 annual yield fell below the market caused by the attention of the 6%, with the ease of market funds face and interbank deposit rates fall, the Internet monetary fund yields also fell. In this regard, the balance of treasure estimates, the balance of treasure long-term revenue will fluctuate at 4.9% of the level of income.

for investors worried about the purchase of the balance of treasure and other losses will occur, the experts said, the IMF is not equivalent to bank deposits, does not rule out the possibility of the existence of a loss. But in fact, the domestic monetary fund has never occurred in the annual loss.

In addition to

, investors are worried about the rate of return volatility in liquidity risk facing large payment, Celestica fund manager Wang Dengfeng believes that the balance of treasure customers in a large number of ordinary individual customers, small, scattered single passenger volume behavior, through data analysis, prepared in advance positions, the balance of treasure than in traditional currency the fund, liquidity is more accurate grasp. In addition, through the maturity of the assets, naturally converted into cash assets to respond to possible liquidity shocks.

Wang Dengfeng also said that the company and policy banks and national commercial banks have good relations of cooperation, if necessary, will provide the necessary liquidity support for the fund. (Yangtze)

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