Facebook’s road trip may include stopping buying Waze

there are rumors that Facebook is Waze deep into the procurement process, their applications for mobile satellite navigation can clearly understand the manufacturer is the use of Crowdsourcing mapping and traffic tips round to transmit its received information.

according to the published report shows that Facebook has signed the terms and conduct due diligence, after six months of negotiations finally got the perfect results.

"we don’t comment on rumors or speculation," said Facebook spokesman Denise Horn to the e-commerce community.

What is


Waze applications are free, fully dynamic and constantly updated, which can be used for iOS and Android devices.

Waze allows users to update real-time traffic and road reports, and learn about a range of concessions and other areas of life required, such as gas stations, supermarkets, etc..

users to open applications on their phones to find their target, is the traffic and other road data collected from the GPS point through the application. Users can share accidents, speed traps or any other hazards along the road report. They found that in the map or record is not on the map of the road by clicking the "log" button, you can also send errors together.

users can upload photos of their traffic conditions on the route, online map editor to ensure that the data in their respective fields is the latest. Waze is for advertising. (content: only product show http://s.vpshow.com/)

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