Alipay wanted to your WeChat beauty Shuabing but accidentally into unfamiliar street

this weekend, with a wave of large-scale beauty photos, Alipay and a small brush circle of friends.

beauty photos from Alipay circle, in the circle of friends brush is usually the "campus diary" and "white-collar diary". According to Alipay’s "fun circles" page, campus diary only female college students can be distributed dynamically, users can not publish dynamic point of praise and reward, sesame credit score greater than or equal to 750 of the users can also comment on.


= = = did not think Alipay is so concerned about the female user’s private life

"campus diary" is not a hype?

it is said that different users receive the circle push different, have also received a "living abroad", "overseas purchasing circle", "elite returnees circle", "drama circle" push.

brother excitedly opened Alipay, was pleasantly surprised to find that the push is actually "Beijing woman" intimate circle. Look, Alipay big data and tag function is very accurate. That brother had been floated in the Empire, but also has the "male and female loving" feature.


= = = to say, Alipay’s brother understand the true inner thoughts

for the explosion of red Alipay circle, some people think that is likely to be a speculation on alipay. Regardless of these so-called female students photos is true, but it is certain that even if Alipay is not speculation, but also consciously form the point of explosion.

in order to play a better propaganda effect, it is this bike before no ground for blame, v-mobile suddenly fire up. Furthermore, they do not violate the laws of the state, a good marketing hype is normal.

three key words: color, money, right

this wave of the three key words: pornography, playing reward, sesame credit points.

porn is needless to say, it is said that both men and women beauty photos. To play the role of similar red envelopes, while the different points of the sesame credit represents a different authority. These three key words, corresponding to the pursuit of life, three: color, money, power, directly hit the pain point of humanity.

of course, you can also use elegant words to describe, such as: love, career and serving the people.

so many men excitedly look at other people’s pursuit of love or love, a woman with a bit proud to show off their. Not handsome brother and no money of other people can see the pursuit of love, in "Beijing woman" circle, find a new dynamic indeed many. Well, this activity is very effective. We look at the photo to PO.



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