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Ming Xuan wrote before the "small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing of the Q & a class reputation promotion", while class reputation promotion, focus is to capture the Baidu know the failure, had previously written an article about "Ming Xuan: teach you how to capture the Baidu know answer" failure of the article, I believe that reading the article for friends. To overcome this problem is not difficult, of course Baidu know the rules from time to time, so we should go to study and ponder.

now this "industry of small and medium-sized enterprises network marketing promotion platform" (refers to the seed source platform) is very targeted, to help SMEs get more customers in the promotion of seed industry source on the platform. Industry class website, especially large, Baidu is considered to be the source of the seed site, relative to other promotion, it can bring more accurate and more targeted customers, conversion rate is very high. And there are a lot of available customer resources available for use in the industry to promote seed source platform can also bring a certain amount of traffic to the enterprise website, as well as increase the number of sites outside the chain, etc..

1 industry seed source platform threshold

We all know that

industry platform is to sell advertising and the corresponding service for survival, the general price is very expensive, less 8K, high on W, and we become their membership fees, also need to pay a fee. Maybe you will think of the ordinary members, membership fees and ordinary members of the difference is very large, a lot of functions and can not be achieved, here we compare the difference between mintshine to charge members and ordinary members:

A. ordinary member: home no enterprise product information; membership function; product release limit; no publicity page personality enterprises; member of the background can not query customer information (each kind of platform industries have many customers, and is very precise and targeted); information platform can not be recommended and so on.

B. membership fees: every day is not limited to view customer information; enterprise business information publishing system comes with illustrations; personality of the brand merchants page; the corresponding column of enterprise text links; corresponding page column page advertising enterprise; enterprise logo enterprise information publicity; random display; member of the background use function without limit the product, add unlimited; front page news information display (enterprise feeds) and so on; text search results;

2 different

service platform is not the same, mintshine here is just a rough set. And in the above service is the most favorable is the text search results and front page news show the two services.

first: search results in front, is conducive to the customer search can occupy a favorable position, thereby improving the exposure rate of enterprises. This is very helpful for us to optimize the operation, at the same time according to the rule of the search engine platform, observation and analysis summed up the rules of search engine optimization, the SEO keyword, the search results more in front, and some of the platform rules can be.

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