Novice to do optimization the station is the key

is now a pioneer in network marketing is obvious, and in the promotion of major sites in SEO is the most likely to be optimistic about the strength of shares. This also indirectly shows that the industry’s competition is absolutely high. But we also know that for SEO optimization, the entry is actually very simple, but if you want to do fine to need your great efforts. The novice SEOer speaking, how can we do website optimization? I think Dennis, in the station optimization is the main battlefield of the new SEOer.

just getting started, the teacher always said that the content is king, the chain for emperor. Thus named the site optimization of the two major tasks, the content of the site and the chain production. However, in recent years the quality of search engine foreign chain requirements are very high, many outside the chain of production will not only help bring to a website or even because of no correlation is point penalty. For the novice, most of the chain is to choose to be able to link with the release of the soft text platform, as to how to estimate the effect is mostly kill sheep".

before I told Dan SEO optimization is the future of UEO, user experience optimization approach is the kingly way. The essence of the user experience or the degree of user needs to solve, can meet the requirements of the user search. This time to do a good job in the internal content of the site is particularly important. A lot of time, the teacher always told us that if you can not do a good job in front of the station, then the bulk of the hair chain. But now it seems that this approach is often more harm than good.

as a novice to do a good job in the content of the site, you can have the capital and other SEOer industry site confrontation. To do a good job in the station, first of all you have to do is to understand the industry’s customer base, which are determined through the understanding of your industry to determine the degree of. When you do a clear positioning of the site, your site optimization work really started. The location of the site is to determine the future of the site for the user, but also those who browse the site is the mainstream group of marketing.

The contents of the

station requires you to locate the site, determine the theme of the site, and then around the theme of the site to establish the relevant content. The user can include whether on the login page to see that he is very intuitive to the content of the website open, whether the contents of the page is the latest popular search information, whether the quality and loading speed images will affect the user experience…… These are the things you need to do. These seemingly simple content, in fact, really want to do is a very complicated evolution of precision engineering. You need to be in a market analysis, accurate grasp of the user’s psychology, he will be what kind of words to search, they will need what kind of information.

test of the chain is the strength of your site, while the content of the site is the foundation of the overall site optimization. Do a good job in the station, you can expand on the basis of the overall site optimization. Just outside the chain based optimization, then your site is at best but a "gorgeous appearance" of the poor egg". Even in the glamorous appearance attracted by a flow, the old content >

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