The high petrel an acre of land must China rural electricity supplier based in the fields

[TechWeb] August 11th News reported today in TechWeb, and the Tencent Research Institute jointly sponsored the Internet frontier salon, Gao Haiyan Dean, vice president of a field research institute made "a mu of Farmland: Point Breakthrough and structure evolution" keynote speech.

Gao Haiyan introduction, an acre of land is a childhood Internet Co. An acre of land as a Internet plus agricultural innovation enterprise, is in need of applause and encouragement. Therefore, the feelings of an acre of land is useful, because the feelings of an acre of land to go step by step.

Gao Haiyan believes that Internet plus agricultural line is more important than online, do not sit in the rural electricity supplier edifice room talk with eloquence, Chinese rural electricity supplier must be based in the fields.

"a story to flicker Internet plus agriculture is not possible for our child is working in the fields." Gao Haiyan seems to have this before an acre of land suspected of false data reports made the side response.

talked about the current situation of the domestic agricultural market, the high petrel pointed out that agriculture has no information showing signals; agricultural market service resource diversification; agricultural market showing a lack of service resources; agricultural market system etc..

"the Internet is a wonderful thing, it can bring surprises and surprises, I hope this can also happen in agriculture." Gao Haiyan said.

about an acre of land are B2B, the high petrel gives his own interpretation: the first choice of B2B is to solve the last mile problem, find the matching facilities plan, this is the primary cause of an acre of land for rural electricity supplier. In addition, the Internet has brought immediate benefits and results, traditional agricultural enterprises to effectively use the convenience of the Internet, which allows an acre of land to see the advantages and opportunities of the internet.

at the same time, an acre of land also has a distinctive line model. Gao Haiyan introduced an acre of land under the line there are two layout: in China’s major provinces and cities to establish a market service center for the 35. Origin, currently signed 63 counties. Total service up to 900 counties. The shortest 30 minutes, the longest can solve the needs of 3 hours.

Internet industry is the biggest change in the process of change, the process revolution is the real change." Gao Haiyan said: "but the process is still changing, we are doing is trying to approach this change." (Aruhan)

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