Pierce the illusion of prosperity Taobao wireless terminal

[] written in the past before the first half of this year, each seller is deeply felt Taobao wireless terminal explosive, this is true? Why create false prosperity? Taobao as the seller, in the face of micro Amoy, Amoy little travel, and other wireless terminal warlord chaos,

how to do?

in the past six months, each of us deeply felt the explosive power of the Taobao wireless side.


Hui has been in doubt: This is really


hundreds of millions of buyers online shopping habits, really so instantly changed?

mobile terminal biggest convenience is to carry.

we can imagine: walk in the street, take out your cell phone, buy a movie ticket, KTV, or dinner.

But it is hard to imagine

Hui, walking in the street, pick a few down jacket or dress with mobile phone.

clothing store in the store in the operation of quantum statistics, the proportion of mobile phone Taobao visitors and transactions, mostly in the 40% to 70%.

looked at the data, how can I not believe that about half of the Taobao buyers, online shopping habits have changed in an instant.


then open the quantum:

wireless > traffic analysis > channel effect analysis, a total turnover of 3072 yuan Taobao client that day, shopping cart and collection transaction is $1714, accounting for most of the. What does that mean?

shows that you see more than 50% of the wireless side of the transaction, in fact, it was your PC side, but was deliberately directed to the wireless terminal.

can be effectively statistics of the wireless end of the train and search source, the turnover of this stage is actually very little, but the cost of wireless end to end promotion has spent a lot of.

if the wireless side of the train can be put in an independent way, the report can be displayed in a more simple and clear way, most sellers may find that the conversion rate is very low.


see here, we found that more than 50% of Taobao’s wireless terminal transactions, originally belonging to the PC side. Just belong to our PC end of the transaction, transferred to my wireless terminal.

in the past year, in the face of the trend of mobile electricity supplier, the most confused is not the seller, but Taobao!

the only way to defeat and subvert the monopoly of Taobao electricity supplier platform, is the trend of mobile Internet industry reshuffle electricity supplier.

in the past year, Taobao in the wireless side of the input and action, beyond your imagination!

last year, scouring the micro and from time to time, numerous small and medium sellers fear to miss a great opportunity to turn over, every day to ask the book Hui: there is no micro Amoy courses, there is no class

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