Nanjing seized a large number of problem mosquito insecticide stores purchase online shopping

summer, mosquitoes, aerosol insecticide and mosquito commodities to enter the sales peak, many of them are dragons and fishes jumbled together. Recently, Gaochun District Industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement officers in the inspection, found a grocery store area Chun Town, to sell the allegedly infringing registered trademark of many enterprises of aerosol insecticides and mosquito coils, aerosol insecticide confiscated infringing 15 boxes of 13 bottles, 696 mosquito repellent incense box.

law enforcement officers told reporters after their investigation, the parties Chen in April this year from the net purchase a batch of aerosol insecticides and mosquito coils, the form of wholesale sale. According to the identification of the trademark owner to provide proof, Gaochun Industrial and Commercial Bureau that highlight these goods marked them "," time "and" Chaowei "and" Gunners "logo are trademarks without permission from the owner to use the trademark infringing products.

in these products, such as a chemical plant in Liaocheng nominal production of the "golden time" aerosol insecticide, bottle front label with black lettering to highlight the "time", "gold" word is very small, color, font and punctuality is not the same, with punctuality in the name of foreign sales. So that consumers can easily be mistaken on Zhejiang Industrial Co. Ltd. "punctuality" products. In addition, the "golden time" of infringing products Aerosol insecticide product packaging is also marked CCTV7 brand list "logo, but the CCTV already published a statement, saying that had never been awarded brand list".

provide law enforcement officers to check the sales slip Chen Chen, a case of infringement all invincible aerosol purchase price than the purchase price from the formal channels 50 yuan cheaper. From Chen wholesale infringement all invincible aerosol dealer Sohn, at about 13 yuan / bottle price of foreign sales, and the market is genuine all invincible aerosol insecticide, priced at about 20 yuan / bottle.

finally, Gaochun District Industrial and Commercial Bureau according to the relevant provisions of the "trademark law", the confiscation of the infringement of the aerosol and mosquito coils, including 15 boxes of 13 bottles of aerosol, mosquito repellent incense box 696, and shall be subject to administrative penalties on chen. (correspondent Zhou Yunfang reporter Lin Qiaofen)

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