T giant get together to copy Apple’s model of mobile app store held

, Microsoft, China Mobile, NOKIA, Samsung and other giants have announced the launch of its own mobile phone app store. In this regard, the industry recently said that the major giants get together mobile app store, intended to replicate the success of Apple’s model, seize the opportunity of mobile Internet in the 3G era.


apple App Store software only half a year to download more than 500 million times, so that Apple profitable

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it is understood that the mobile phone application program has been developed for several years, apple iPhone and iPod Touch for App Store’s success to further promote the popularity of mobile phone software, only 6 months time, Apple’s App Store software downloaded more than 500 million times, with over 15000 types. The apple made a lot of money. Apple’s huge success in the app store, so that the world’s major giants have aimed at the mobile app store this big cake.

days ago, in the 2009 Mobile World Congress (Mobile World Congress 2009, 3GSM World Congress), NOKIA announced the official launch of the app store Ovi Store, said in May this year will be the launch of Ovi Store in nine countries, will provide applications, games, video and other applications, users can use S60 and S40 log on to the mobile phone shop. It is understood that the first integrated Ovi Store phone will be launched in June this year, N97, NOKIA expects Ovi Store users will reach 300 million by the year of 2012.

is almost at the same time, Microsoft also announced the launch of the Windows Marketplace for Mobile "will become a search, browse and buy mobile phone applications for the development of the market, and that developers will" provide the application without limit". Domestic operators China Mobile also learn Apple’s app store business model, its app store will be named "Mobile Market", all software, application developers can sell goods in this shop.

Samsung also in early February this year announced the launch of Mobile Applications, said the support of SymbianS60 and WindowsMobile operating system, the application for the Samsung mobile phone consumers can download the love.

is intended to mobile Internet business opportunities

Why is

so many giants announced almost at the same time to launch its own mobile phone app store? Insiders said recently, but Apple achieved great success of this factor, tremendous business opportunities in 3G era of mobile Internet is the mobile phone giants layout.

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