Dedecms 2007 beta is out

download address:

shunt: Forum serverBut this is a pure

test version, there are some details still need to be adjusted, because after a week will be the official version, I suggest you do not hurry off with this version website.

DedeCms 2007

2, product release model; novel classification model; information model
3, simple
4, />5,

1, you can use the resource attribute of ID labeled buffer of fixed resources to reduce the number of markers, read the database;
2, adding custom small categories, such as: supply, demand, rental, sale, flat-share attributes program can index the different attributes of the content;
3, adding custom search options;
4, />5,
6, increase the site statistics such as a number of articles and so on and support column template
7, friendship chain />8, Download
c, />d,
e, circle of friends function;
f, enterprise space function, enterprise members can achieve the equivalent of automatic station functions, including company profile, contact us, online message, online orders, product / product display, supply and demand information, company name card module.

11 management and re upload attachments, membership will no longer use the file type attachment management, using the database management;
12, PHP5.1 + PHP modified version of the above may appear;
13, the background editor integrated FLV player;
14, background add a key generating station function;
15 the administrator can manage multiple columns;

1, features increased by Shell interface.

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