P2P platform has been adjusted to close the current financial regulation to avoid the red line

Some of the

platform in the design of their current financial products, there is suspicion of pool of funds suspected, this is prohibited by the regulatory authorities.


recently, Wen business loans announced that since February 15, 2016, Wen business loans will officially close the current financial projects. The current account for less than 2 months on the line, Wen business loans triggered widespread concern in the industry, net loan demand finance risk and compliance has become the focus of the industry to discuss.

Internet financial news reporter to ask a number of products to the platform, there is a platform that has now stopped expanding the size of the product, waiting for the payment of assets after closing all transactions." However, there are platforms that related products are still doing, there is no plan to stop.

called P2P demand finance, is the introduction of some of the P2P platform can be transferred into the fund at any time, but also can be carried out at any time the funds transferred out of the general name of the product.

, according to Zhou Zhihan, general manager of open Xin loans, at present, the main push of the main platform for each of the three financial models.

is similar to the balance of treasure baby class products, through cooperation with banks, fund companies, allowing investors to enjoy the idle funds to the imf. Funds can generally do T+0 or T+1 to account.

two is through the transfer of creditor’s rights, the realization of the way, in disguise to achieve demand financial. For example, the recent opening of the loan launched a new loan products.

three is the way to entrust investment. For example, investors entrust the platform of SPV, will invest in money funds, bank deposits and other liquidity better assets. When investors need to be realized, SPV can sell assets in a timely manner to meet the needs of investors capital turnover.

according to the Wenzhou Business Daily reported that the reason why the reason for the closure of the warm business loan financing projects, precisely because of the introduction of regulatory opinions draft, the platform in accordance with the results of the rectification rectification.

The general manager of

Wen business loan VIP Department Dai Huile told reporters that the current financial project is shutting down the Interim Measures for the business management information network lending intermediary business loan for temperature officially released in December 28th last year, "(Draft)" self-examination, adjustment, positive response to the result of regulation. For this interim measures, Wen business loans conducted a number of seminars. The company believes that demand finance does not meet the Interim Measures of the spirit.

in this regard, Ying Chan consulting researcher Chen Xiaojun believes that the current product is the biggest risk capital pool. If there is no real investment targets, there may be a platform for direct accumulation of funds and embezzlement. Another situation is in the user redemption, the platform to use its own funds to advance the transfer to the later users, which is also the liquidity of the platform has a lot of pressure. If there is a centralized user withdrawals, there will be unable to control the risk of a run.

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