Xiamen standard online talent intermediary services

many online talent information complex, difficult to distinguish between true and false. Xiamen City days before the introduction of the "Internet talent intermediary activities management approach", to strengthen the use of the Internet to engage in intermediary activities of personnel management.

The provisions of

in Xiamen City, all kinds of talents intermediary services institutions and other institutions engaged in the Internet information network talent intermediary activities, shall obtain the "talent intermediary license" shall be made in accordance with the law, not exclusively or concurrently engaged in Internet talent intermediary services; has obtained the "permit" but the scope of services without the Internet talent intermediary services, need to do the Internet talent intermediary service, should apply for change of the scope of services in accordance with the law, increase the Internet talent intermediary services.

According to the

management approach, the Internet talent intermediary service can include: release of talent supply and demand information, provide employment guidance and advisory services; accept the employer written authorization of recruitment; recommend talents to the employer; talent training service; talent quality assessment; recruit and candidate docking services etc..

Xiamen City, Internet talent intermediary issued personnel information, shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the information authenticity, legality, timeliness of the review, shall not provide false information and failure; not all kinds of information theft, plagiarism, copy the other website related personnel intermediary services.

in accordance with the provisions of the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of personnel will be engaged in the Internet according to the law agency personnel agencies to implement the "permit" annual verification system. Illegal Internet intermediaries engaged in activities, the relevant administrative departments will be punished according to law.

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