WeChat small program to Zhang Xiaolong why pay tribute to Jobs

January 9, 2017, WeChat applet release.

January 9, 2007, Apple’s first generation iPhone release.

after a lapse of 10 years, the father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong in his circle of friends in this way to commemorate the memory of Jobs, a great product manager.

everything is unprecedented quiet.

zero o’clock "apps" officially launched, but the Tencent does not exercise this seems to fit with a whoop and a holler, Zhang Xiaolong’s character, low-key, calm, restrained.

so hot it is not the Tencent itself, but has been waiting for a long time the media. Repertoire throughout the Chinese Internet, it can be said that there is no software products can go beyond the potential of small programs.

at the end of December last year, Zhang Xiaolong held in Guangzhou WeChat open class, in class he announced on January 9, 2017 officially launched a small program, but this time, his mood is very excited and complex.

some people think that the small program will have a great change in the mobile Internet industry, but it was also opposed, that small programs can not replace the real entity App.

based on the web+ language, a small program greatly reduces the developer threshold, therefore, the value of the programmer will regain the bloom, but also will become the mainstream view.

some crazy fanatical developers who are very keen on small programs, they believe that WeChat has focused on 800 million users, which is any one of the App can not match, so it is very important for each change.

is now a small program or underestimate the value of small programs are afraid to have a problem, to give a conclusion in advance, just as simple as throwing coins." Feng Dahui, founder of science and technology code, said.

small program can not replace the fear entity APP

WeChat small program has its unique advantages, such as no need to install app, spread through the group to reduce the developer threshold, chat and small program two……

yes, these are the advantages of it, but any software is not only the advantages, it will always have their own Bug, there are deficiencies.

product manager analysis, WeChat small program to some extent and can not replace the entity APP, its space is limited, but for the platform product is a good thing.

and small programs can not replace entity APP for 4 reasons:

1 needs to re-establish user awareness.

2 paid advertising.

3 can not spread advertising.

4 or lead to decline in programmer value.

is the first transfer of App users will face restructuring user awareness. Each APP has its own cognitive users, such as Taobao, the Alibaba took ten years to create a well known.

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