The earthquake The stationmaster of Sichuan Are you all right

yesterday, just came home from school after class.. used to open the computer. After landing QQ. See all the numbers are QQ QQ group speak hundreds, some senior group speech number reached more than 1 thousand. I used to not ignore the QQ group. And then opened the QQ news, to my eyes is a great earthquake occurred in Sichuan. Look at QQ group, all the topics are put in the earthquake that thing to discuss the 7.8 earthquake. But after I opened It is also reported that the tragic news, and I think of the first time in Sichuan, the webmaster has been in front of the technical aspects of the help of my Sichuan webmaster friends. Greetings to you a " how are you? "

until today, after returning home. I immediately landed on the QQ news aspect, the number of casualties today is significantly more than yesterday’s statistics did not exceed N times. The 60 thousand Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake epicenter area still heard the sixty thousand… I think people, including our webmaster friends! They are likely to have only a short while ago, on Admin5, has published articles on..


              the earthquake discussion version of


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