Thunder KanKan to complete the domain migration kankan com worth millions

September 21st news, Thunder KanKan announced today that its new domain name migration of the entire network, Thunder KanKan’s full content will be based on this new domain name issue.

Thunder KanKan is the thunder HD video platform. 2009, Thunder KanKan and the original Thunder online integration enabled domain name.

domain name information display, in 2011, domain was thunder low-key acquisition, followed by the use of Thunder KanKan and domain name parallel manner, while working on the entire network migration. During this period all traffic is still imported into

September 19th, Thunder KanKan completed the transformation of the domain name of each channel and sub pages, thunder company senior vice president Liu Feng said, Thunder KanKan stripped from the original thunder domain, marking the digital content to "see" as the core issue of the formal establishment of the platform.

According to

"Chinese reports, prices may reach more than one million, but the nominal value Diepin domain. The original may then be used for another. (Zeng ROU)

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