Kara Community electricity supplier made a big business

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from 2005 to head into the third party payment industry, Kara had been guarding the line, solve the user payment and credit card payments and other payments. But from the beginning of the second half of 2013, the electricity supplier community has become a new business kara.

for Kara is promoting the community business, Lacarra chairman and President Sun Taoran did not conceal his excitement. The continuous entrepreneurial veterans even said, community electricity supplier is now the most exciting business".

involved in community electricity supplier

Li in the vicinity of Beijing Huilongguan district runs a small shop, in the same community due to a lot of shops, business has been barely.

in October this year, he set up a shop in the Kara shop treasure, but he did not expect that the business began to get better, a lot of people not only in the beginning of his consumer credit card here, charge mobile phone, pay utilities, some time will be queuing up to buy the shop treasure in the offer commodity.

one day, there are dozens of people lined up at his family’s store, and the purpose is to provide the purchase of "community mall shop treasure preferential rice. The original sales of rice is not within the scope of the Lao Li, but the shop treasure community mall, Li not only without any cost as a rice seller, from every rice in the purchase order received lakala rebate.

help similar Li’s this store involved in the electricity supplier, it is led by Sun Taoran and Kara are an important part of the business community. Because in his view, the next ten years, the future of community shops will be an important entrance electricity supplier.

where is the future traffic entrance, one is a cell phone, the other is a community shop." Sun Taoran said, Kara hope to provide a platform for these lines of traffic entrance, organize these small shops surrounding community service people. He judged that, once there are tens of thousands of similar shops developed, it will have great value in the field of e-commerce.

some time ago, we Kara community electricity supplier selling instant noodles, three hours sold two hundred thousand barrels, you can think this is what concept." Sun Taoran said that now is the buyer’s market, consumer choice is too much, how to promote the efficiency of the product out, the channel is very important.

is also the official because of this, Kara at give bonus, encourage the Kara community store promotion business. According to some of the convenience store owner said, consumer orders successfully through the Kara community electricity supplier after every single $10 rebate to the owner.


provides data show that Kara shop treasure projects of more than half a year, the national network has reached tens of thousands of Beijing City, there are thousands of single Kara shop. The weekend rush and the highest volume of orders per Monday group

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