The domain name owners who mysteriously unprovoked theft in the director of the case

is a domain name to sell the two leaving ghost was eventually arrested

enter the domain name of their company, but it is another company’s page. Shenzhen, a technology company because the domain name theft, economic losses of more than 30 million yuan. July 9th, informed Shenzhen City Futian Public Security Bureau, the Bureau police brigade and police station joint Yuanling uncovered a network domain name theft case. It is the first case in Guangdong province successfully cracked the theft of network domain name. The main suspect in the case for the injured company staff.

domain name suddenly stolen

in May 6th this year, Futian District Yuanling station received a technology company in Shenzhen to report, saying the company website domain name stolen, to log on to their website is to jump to another British company website. Because the company’s e-mail system attached to its corporate website, the site can not be used also led to the paralysis of the mail system. The company introduced the domain name stolen to the company has brought huge losses, estimated at more than 30 million yuan. The company immediately contacted the British company. But British companies have said that they have acquired the right to use the domain name, the cost of about $50 thousand.

The information provided by

UK shows that they purchased the domain name from a "Jiang" man. It is worth noting that, in 2005, a technology company in Shenzhen commissioned a staff to buy $15 thousand of these domains. Jiang in 2007 resigned from the company. It is reported that from 2005 to the stolen before, a technology company in Shenzhen has been related to the domain name password and other information has not been modified.

ginger quite fit

July 1st, the task force summoned a ginger.

Kang said that he did in 2005 to assist the company for the domain name, but before the electronic mail had to apply for the international domain name used by hackers stealing, and change the domain settings, but need the original email, so he didn’t know the name of a technology company in Shenzhen stolen things.

reporter learned that, for most of the domain name registration, domain name registration service provider provides an automatic background, the background can be through the mailbox login, registration, if you want to change the settings, is mainly through the mail application, receive new mail to complete.

at the same time, Jiang made the initiative, you can accompany the police together to check the account funds in Hongkong. "We then go to check, no 50 thousand dollars for the so-called situation." Police said.

in order to prove innocence, Jiang and even take the initiative to use personal computers to two investigators for analysis.

restore data fragment

on the computer deleted data recovery, the investigators found that Kang a computer remains a file fragments, file fragments, Kang in the near future is still by e-mail and domain bound to receive mail. >.

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