Music web site owners have to pay attention to copyright issues

today, a few comrades of the Nanjing Copyright Bureau directly to find the company to do a survey of music website owners on copyright issues. Because the webmaster record information is our address and telephone. Not even a phone call, it is directly to the door, the seriousness of the event can be seen. Fortunately, we do not have this person here, they have to go back and check.

China’s copyright law "provisions of article forty-sixth, without permission from the copyright owner, for the purpose of profit, copy and distribute their works, should be based on the situation, stop the infringement, eliminate the effect, make a public apology, compensation for damages, and by the copyright administration department to confiscate the illegal income and fines administrative punishment."

specific music website to download the form, is also divided into two categories. A class is like the nine day music website, download your MP3 storage server for the website; the other is the MP3 tianlaicun mode, you can also search their own songs, but the site has only little or no MP3 MP3, it is to provide hyperlinks, users click, can be transferred to other sites continue to download. From the existing case, the responsibility is light, super link may not be involved in the infringement, but the parties indicated that website to modify the link immediately, a website that free MP3 should be judged as infringement.

Internet music copyright dispute again, no surprise, because it is a continuation of historical issues. Here to remind you to do music, movies, novels and other website friends, in a period of time of national copyright check is very strict, related news: the State Copyright Bureau for the first time to spend nearly 3 million 300 thousand yuan reward to combat piracy, the report wrote: "the National Copyright Bureau recently announced, to give 3 million 295 thousand yuan reward for 120 94 units and individuals, in recognition of their outstanding contributions in the investigation of piracy in the work. It is reported that this is the National Copyright Bureau for the first time to investigate the piracy of advanced reward "Copyright Bureau in various places in order to fight against copyright bonus course busy awfully is bitter, of course we these personal webmaster. So the webmaster to their site not to be taken seriously, must pay attention to it, Baidu so cattle companies have lost, let alone these personal webmaster?

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