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technology news (Han Yimin) in November 2nd, with the National Copyright Administration "on the ordered online music service stop notice" without authorization spread of music has been further implemented, in November, a large number of non mainstream music platform again offline music, the cool dog, QQ, cool music, NetEase, Baidu cloud music music under the influence of different degree, small shrimp music, everyday sounds by the impact of large.

Tencent science and technology was informed that after the notice issued, the mainstream online music platform in the course of the implementation of the notice, but also to discuss copyright licensing cooperation, the parties agreed a two or three month buffer period. However, if you do not have authorization before November, you will need all the music in the Library under the unauthorized music. Otherwise, it will face severe legal liability, and may even affect the operating qualification.

affected by this, in November 1st, the major music platform under the frame of the unauthorized music, music system in which Ali small shrimp music, everyday sounds by the impact of large, there are a few empty library trends.

it is understood that the buffer period the major music platform is for the agreement, each platform can still provide normal services, and provide the time window for copyright delegation platform between, so the transition period after July, the platform default each other using copyrighted songs myself.

but the current copyright transfer negotiations between the slow progress of the platform, currently only QQ music and NetEase cloud music copyright transfer cooperation. In the future, under the pressure of copyright management, there will be no progress in copyright cooperation between the major platforms, remains to be seen. In addition, some platforms over a large number of music works without authorization, may also be held to account, facing infringement claims.

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