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grassroots entrepreneurship modaobuwukanchaigong

is now a very strong entrepreneurial atmosphere of the Internet, especially the development of personal websites, the grassroots webmaster pulled to the front end of entrepreneurship. Everyone wants to make money, just think about money, will not go the way of entrepreneurship.

present: replication is an important means of

network business

replication and transplantation is an important way to start a business. To transfer a domain model to another area, and apply the successful experience of one region to another. The rapid development of the franchise industry, which is proved.

why so many webmasters stressed adhere to the two word

whether it is at the edge of the ideal and reality novice, or experience loss has been all about the birds achieve success and win recognition, adhere to the "in site operation". "Dare to insist, insist on" has become the motto of many webmaster. Is this accident? No, why so many webmaster emphasized "to" two words, of course there are reasons behind it.

90 after hackers emotional story

14 years old to know what is QQ, what is Baidu, then feel special stupid, found later, peers QQ the sun, or my little star. That year I stumbled on a "hacker". When hackers good NB, not a good from then on there in my heart, I want to play a black. The idea I started playing black away, bye what ah, and a lifelong member of VIP, JB in the end is all nonsense, most of the technical fix by themselves or others, most give you a tutorial, give you some guidance, ask more people. Tired, do not ask it yourself not pondering..

site can not beautiful but the site must promote

site operators cannot do without the promotion, how to achieve profitability, how to increase the sales volume of the product, is the site operators must seriously consider the issue. Sometimes, short-term promotion, the effect is not obvious, however, to know the promotion need to persevere, to promote as an important part of the site operation, to treat an integral part a


talk about local classification information website promotion experience

I graduated from high school before contact network. It is very late, the first time on the Internet hooked on the network, when the major forums to see those masters, I feel very envious. Later, I dreamed of becoming a hacker programming master, but those are too difficult. If you just use some software to engage in a bit of theft QQ and so on, let me also very disdain, also gave up. Later learned a number of things, feel the construction of

09 years of the most profitable types of Web site

many webmaster friends ask me 09 years to do what kind of site can make money, for this is a difficult question to answer, the author summed up the hope for a little help to the novice webmaster friends do.

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