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webmaster network (www.admin5.com) July 12th news, the news for the 360 stake in Sogou in the past six months has passed a lot of times. We have been unable to determine the true. For this rumor Wang Xiaochuan said in micro-blog is not reliable, this is the fourth response. By all eye-catching boring".


360 Sogou, this spring sprouting may result in the summer story. And it seems from the last solar term "summer great heat" each one step closer, and the related news is more a. Recently informed sources from Hongkong investment bank said, 360 of the negotiation between Sogou is nearing the end of the transaction, currently can reveal details: 360 holding Sogou, Sogou $1 billion 200 million. However, the details of the transaction on the current situation, these people did not disclose too much. But Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan has responded immediately to the world, but as the fourth came within half a year to buy "sex scandal", Sogou fate has become the focus of media attention.

Sohu as the "trump card", why not sell Sogou today? In this regard, Forbes Chinese comment on the article, Sogou input method, although the business is growing rapidly, but is a typical "light" products, Sogou search using trying to push the huge installed base, push the client wishes have suffered different users the degree of resistance. The browser and search in the 360 A new force suddenly rises. pressure, share has been hovering at 10%. The electricity supplier resources Ma promised did not materialize, money becomes scarce, the mobile Internet has been raging tide coming, in this browser is not the core of the platform, Wang Xiaochuan’s "three stage", only the input method. Last year, Alibaba quit, Sohu to $25 million 800 thousand to buy back all the shares held by Alibaba sogou. Re completely back to the hands of Zhang Zhaoyang of the Sohu, gradually to the fate of being sold.

this was true true and false news, but also intensified. 360 company president Qi Xiangdong said that the outside world for the holding of the 360 Sogou transactions have been very concerned about a lot of rumors, many are not true, this attitude is not to comment on the 360. Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan also clear in micro-blog said: do not fly." A senior Sogou said, 360 holding Sogou rumors has become a week by paste, menstrual paste". Sogou official denied.

in fact, I think that since both sides denied, we do not have to guess. The day will come from the The case is entirely cleared., we only need to wait and see. But in that not only 360 of the fate of Sogou Sogou look at fiercely as a tiger does! Do not know what will happen, who is not


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