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Chen Wei party hopes that the doctor-patient disputes can be alleviated with the medical resources are no longer nervous, therefore in the business, he took his most love writer Fan Zhongyan as "Yueyang Tower" in fishermen each answer, how great this music. The song "two words, as he left the Facebook after the first. A project named home business.


‘s network is a professional health community, dedicated to the Internet and mobile Internet remote city patients to solve the shortage of medical resources and focus on the problem of first-tier cities, at the launch of the PC client website and mobile phone App two version, the main services include consulting doctors, follow-up services, health records management and doctor-patient interaction etc..

why do this product?

"before the doctor takes half an hour to see a patient, I hope there are fishermen after as little as 5 ~ 10 minutes." Chen Wei said. He believes that for specialists, most of the patient’s problem is similar, if the doctor’s ready to see the patient directly through the film, you can shorten the time of diagnosis. In addition, the patient is suffering from a serious illness need surgery, if not to communicate with Beijing, Shanghai doctors, it is difficult to resolve the surgery, but the high cost of a trip to Beijing. Many people also want to consult two or three doctors, compare the doctor’s diagnosis and then make a decision.

Chen Wei graduated from Beijing Medical University, Navy General Hospital. After studying in the United States, received a master’s degree in hospital management and master of computer science, has worked in Ebay, Paypal, Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies. During his 4 and a half years at Facebook, he was responsible for product promotion, user growth and public relations. February 2013, when the Facebook listed soon after, Chen Wei general retreat, return to business.

Chen Wei party to understand the needs of doctors and patients, but also to understand the different cities of the hospital culture, he studied in the undergraduate students are almost all major hospitals in Beijing. "There are a lot of pain points at present, Chinese’s doctors almost all concentrated in the north of Guangzhou, the field is almost no doctors. Patients find doctors difficult, most of the Beijing hospital at 7:30 in the morning began long lines, 80% of foreign patients."

in addition, the doctor also has the needs of patients, such as open heart surgery, A hospital doctors do 300 cases a year, B hospital doctors if you can do a year of 500 cases, the famous hospital will naturally exceed A. Therefore, doctors also need to treat symptomatic patients to deepen their accumulation in the industry. "Through social mechanisms, the patient can spread reputation for doctors fishermen network to help them make personal" marketing "."

What are the advantages of


Chen Wei hopes to use their technical expertise will be effective but fragmented medical resources connected. This is the main service object > ill patients

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