Classified information site 3 fell to 90% from the bubble to the profit inflection point

in September 2010, has burn classified information in the field for many years Yao Jinbo (micro-blog) for the first time publicly on the capital side of olive branch "NO said!". 19, about 7:30 in the morning, as the domestic classification information website the first camp of the 58 city yaojinbo founder and CEO, said an article in the Tencent micro-blog by iPhone, "received two copies of investment from the government, but he refused.

in addition to the government investors, the road is different, the biggest reason is that he is not bad money". In April this year, 58 city DCM and Saif fund invested a total of $15 million. Yao Jinbo also frequently declared: 2009 58 city has been profitable, in 2010 the company’s revenue will exceed $100 million."

actually, with Yao Jinbo also to classified information industry with confidence and CEO Yang Haoyong (micro-blog), after winning the favor of the capital in June this year, Yang Haoyong told the Tencent: " technology has reached tens of millions of dollars in revenue this year, as long as the control input, at any time can be profitable."


current classification information website overview

all this seems to indicate that the domestic silence for many years the classification of information industry has been difficult to enter the stage of development from the original difficult spring. However, 58 and only temporarily successful case. In the recent three years, network platform, network Yideng, list of Web sites such as the slow development of a bright spot; only the customer network, network, and other search lights off a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises even have restructuring or closure.


according to the previous data show that in 2007, the independent classification information website China has nearly 200, plus other websites classification channel, the total number of nearly 3000. Today, after the industry reshuffle, in addition to the latest financing to get a few sites, nearly 90% sites have lost the opportunity to grow independently.

is particularly worth mentioning is that Baidu, live off some "outsiders" began to get involved in this field, the classification of information industry war had occurred in the traditional Internet, also spread to the field of mobile internet…… In the face of constantly falling entrepreneurs, a more ambitious and tragic war is a prelude.

Baidu and other outsiders involved in

recently, the "outsider" invasion caused Yao Jinbo and others uneasy. Tencent science and technology was informed that the Internet to find a good platform for housing information platform of the network is planning to get involved in the field of classified information. In addition to the Baidu has ah advance classified information navigation field, but also with some traditional media cooperation, opened the Nuggets based on local life information search services.

according to the global Internet monitoring and Analysis Agency ComScore data show that, now, the average growth rate of China’s classified information industry website is higher than the portal and real estate and other industry sites, as the portal website

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