What kind of experience is CTO from a large BAT company to a startup

Abstract: to a small company in the short term will feel a sense of accomplishment. Team members also feel a sense of accomplishment. Feel more productive and respected. Small companies, links and processes are shorter, more flat structure, a person to assume more responsibility for the ability to demand more comprehensive.

first said: don’t this a tired, I have to pay a certain price. This position is not cool at all, give you more responsibility and pressure, and even criticism.

when I left the A company, the company should have a few thousand people, the time is 2010, and now some can not remember. Just joined in 2005, the entire team will be dozens of people. Then looking at the way the company’s rapid growth (expansion), in this process, there was a time, do things very efficient, but later more and more feel the pace of work is much slower, there are a lot of restraint, there are a lot of unnecessary things have to crustily skin of head to do, at a later stage, follow the prescribed order the meeting, in particular, very painful.

sometimes I will be in the meeting room distracted, often think of life consumption in this kind of thing is really not necessary, without any sense of achievement.


from A company, the D company, leaving his notebook for a Macbook Pro, thought of the future working environment without Windows, without Outlook to receive mail (hate dead frequent collapse, the original Outlook because every day I have to collect a lot of electronic mail), direct Gmail fix, it is joy.

but I didn’t ask the team to use all the techniques I liked in the new team. This is a lot of people can not help but to do, there are a lot of people airborne to the new team died at this point.

you have a chance to do a lot of choice, there is a choice, are you going to become a team infighting team, or the team into a relatively simple team, and this depends entirely on you.

D company was more than and 50 people, the real sense of the small company, a total of technical team of 11 people. In the past few years accumulated under a variety of technical debt, there are many want to do the product, has not been able to achieve resources. The first task is to pay off the debt. I can do things, while hiring, while for the team to provide resources and support to everyone for a better display, and computer memory, for a better chair, better computer, good bandwidth, provide capacity over the wall… The reason for this is to improve efficiency, a little investment is also fully acceptable. This is not to say that you can only do this as a CTO, but have to.

a few days ago to see someone Tucao S engineers with rotten machine, it is unthinkable. I always recognize

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