2010 Hunan internet conference successfully closed the curtain

Admin5 station network June 21st news, 2010 Hunan Internet webmaster General Assembly in June 19th in the South Pearl Hotel successfully concluded, from across the country nearly 400 Internet Co and stationmaster guests gathered in the road for the development of Hunan Internet adds a wonderful.

the conference hosted by the Admin5 station network, Hunan webmaster alliance Co, the activities of the Hunan Internet association, Changsha port, a fast network media, 731 games, hishop shop system, popcorn alliance, forum, 917 voices of self-help travel, happy Zhangjiajie travel network, Sina, micro-blog and other units of energy-saving and the company’s guidance and support, Hunan Chief Secretary General of the League had love, master Guo Jijun, gathered in Shuyang Changsha information port Shen Yuqing, taobao.com Hunan UNITA leader Xiao Xiang morning news reporters Li Wei, Dolly teacher and other guests attended the meeting.

theme of the conference is "the research of local web site operators share the experience of e-commerce business management", highlighted the Hunan Internet webmaster, local characteristics, network, traditional media resources.

conference first edited by Chen Guoqiang (Sina micro-blog Webmaster: http://s.t.sina.com.cn/qiangzi123) a welcome speech, Chen Guoqiang said the conference held in stationmaster net to build a good communication platform for the Internet in Hunan, hope that through this conference can make the industry Tongren more combined, active communication, common progress, and strive to in order to promote the development of the Internet in Hunan.

In the next part of the

speakers in Hunan stationmaster alliance Secretary General Ceng Muyang with his many years of experience and share their own webmaster webmaster on the Internet and some wonderful views, get everyone agreed, and enthusiasm seriously answer everyone’s questions and confusion. Love gathered Guo Jijun (Sina: micro-blog: http://s.t.sina.com.cn/cq66) humorous speech, won the audience and the audience burst of applause.

in the "interactive roundtable discussion" the construction of local portal site of Zhangjiajie news network Zhu Haoren, Shen Yuqing, Hong Kong Changsha Information Forum Huasheng channel editor HuangGuo, Hunan city network CEO Gao Xudong and the 2 owners on how to become bigger and stronger local portal published their own views, guests must put emphasis on local portal user experience in the first place, good customer service website is popular and viscosity.

in the electronic commerce business management manager Shen Dechun network interactive roundtable discussion Bana, taobao.com Hunan UNITA leader dolly teachers and group net CEO Liu Kewei, the real estate network CEO Dai jump around e-commerce cooperation discussion, guests said that e-commerce will combine the traditional line of business, local Internet more win-win cooperation as an important.


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