Stay at home can Suning wireless pay utilities

speed transit network May 21st news not long ago, on the mobile terminal of the APP wireless application Suning upgrade. Reporters found that the new version of the application adds a number of convenience services, which will have a new line of coal and hydropower payment function.

point open water and electricity payment options, which found that the water to pay the check, pay the electricity check, gas fee paid to check the three tied. Open any one, will require the user to select the payment area and the collection unit, and fill in their own payment account information, after the user’s name and the amount will be transferred to the user for confirmation. After verification, the user can choose to use the balance of PayPal payment Su Ningyi, or the use of UnionPay online payment.

surnamed Sun told reporters, because usually busy because of the home water, electricity, gas costs often forget pay, often find the home has been labeled a reminder of these costs, not only very ugly, but also to pay a surcharge.

weekdays often use spare time with Suning wireless mobile phone shopping, after the recent Suning wireless client update, found the new electricity payment function, so the first time I used to pay water and electricity, easy to use, less than a minute to utilities to pay, no longer not to pay utilities at run time." Mr. Sun said.

According to

mobile shopping division responsible person, Suning wireless version upgrade, not only joined the electricity payment function, let users can easily pay, also joined the "near Suning" function, consumers can query nearby stores in the area and the address, telephone number, Business Hours, floor set other information.

"we want to use Suning wireless, integrating online and offline Suning stores resource advantages, giving users the greatest convenience. With the promotion of Suning wireless, so that ‘Suning into the pockets of the user’ become a reality, so Suning become part of consumer life, so that every user can benefit from it." emphasized that these people.

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